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Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tours


Feel free to contact us by email anytime or by phone between 10:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. (CST) seven days a week. We love to talk bicycling to other bicyclists!



Around Wisconsin Bicycle Tours

Tour Food

“The food was wonderful everywhere.”
Northern Woods Rider


“Wonderful Adventure, the tour was awesome!”
Bethany, Colorado

Bike Path

“Very much likes all those quiet bike paths.”
Steve, Colorado

SAG Driver

“The SAG driver is the greatest, always magically appeared when I needed her. Luggage drivers also great!”
Mary, IL

Our Tours

Our Tours

Northern Woods & Waters

Cycle for six days on lightly traveled back roads through the woods of northern Wisconsin past numerous quiet lakes.

Small Private Tours

Try one of our shorter private small group bicycle tours. We can design a private bike tour of various sizes.

Escape to The North

Cycle five days on rural roads and by numerous lakes. Wildlife sightings are common on this tour.