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How can I sign up for a tour?

Visit our registration page for complete registration and payment information.

Can I ride at my own pace or do I have to stay with the group?

You can ride as slowly or as fast as you want, stopping where and when you want to take a break or look at something interesting. But keep in mind that it’s more fun and safer to ride with at least one other person. On most group tours, people usually end up riding in pairs and small groups with riders of similar speed and style.

Is there a specific daily time schedule that I have to follow?

Yes and no. There will be a time each morning by which you need to have your luggage ready for pick up. Also, the included group meals and tours will take place at a specific time. Other than that, you can schedule your time as you like, but you need to consider when you pace your cycling day how much time you want after biking to explore the small towns and take part in the after bike activities.

What happens if I get a flat tire or have another problem with my bike?

If your bicycle needs a repair that cannot be performed by you, our SAG driver will help you out or for more serious issues the SAG driver will drive you to a local bike shop where repairs can be performed. It would be a good idea to have your bike completely checked over by your local shop to be sure that it is in good riding condition before you go. A trip to the bike shop during your ride will take away from the time you can cycle and enjoy your trip.

What kind of a bicycle should I bring?

For tours of this type, most cyclists choose a lightweight road bike that can handle hills and is durable enough to ride for a week on back roads that might not have perfectly smooth asphalt. But any bicycle that is comfortable enough for you to ride for several hours on consecutive days will work, including hybrids, tandems and electric bikes.

How physically difficult is the tour?

Northern Woods and Waters Tour. This tour is not overly hilly but there will be smaller hills interspersed with flatter sections. Daily climbs are between 1100 and 1600 feet with few hills exceeding a 3% grade. If you are comfortable riding 50 miles a day on consecutive days, you should be able to complete this tour. Cyclists who ride in various types of terrain will not label this a hilly ride. About one sixth of the week-long route is on asphalt bike trails that are narrower than a road and twist and wind quite a bit. The trails do have some very steep, short climbs and descents, which required cyclists to be alert, ride single file, and watch for oncoming riders. The incredible beauty of the surroundings make the extra caution needed to ride these trails well worth the effort.
Escape to the North. This tour does include some hills and climbs. Daily climbs are between 1700 and 2900 feet with a few hills exceeding a 5% grade. All riding is on roads. This ride is most conducive for road bikes, tandems and/or electric bikes. If you typically ride on hillier routes, you will be more comfortable on this tour.

The more fit you are, the more fun you will have on the tours.  We expect that you will have trained adequately for the tour and that you will ride the full distance each of the days, but our SAG drivers will, of course, pick you up if you are physically unable to ride.

How much luggage can I bring?

You will need to limit your luggage to one medium to large duffel bag or two smaller bags. Remember this is not a camping tour, so all you’ll need are cycling clothes, off-bike clothes, and your toilet articles. Please pack in soft-sided luggage. If you do not own a duffel bag, use a lightweight soft-sided suitcase. We cannot accommodate coolers or Rubbermaid type boxes. If you buy souvenir food or drink, there will be a large communal cooler or two that you can store it in during the trip.

Also, many of the overnight facilities have refrigerators available. You need to pack delicate items in a well-padded area in the center of your luggage as bags will be stack one on top of the other in the luggage vehicle. What will the weather be like? Good question! This is Wisconsin in the summer, which means the weather can vary quite a bit. Average highs in June, July, and August are a sunny 75 to 80 degrees with lows around 60, but on occasion the highs can dip to 60 or rise to 90. Rain can occur at any time, but summer is not our rainiest season. The best packing tip is to plan for sunny 70 degree riding days, but include a set of colder riding clothes, a light jacket for off the bike in the evenings, and don’t forget the rain gear.

Are we expected to tip? How much?

We accept tips but we do not expect them or ask you for them daily as some tour companies do. We also do not put out tip jars or envelopes. We believe those practices are in poor taste and not in the spirit of willing customer service. If you would like to tip, a reasonable amount for a tour of this type is to $10- $15 per tour day per tour participant based on your ability to pay and your level of satisfaction with the service. If you choose to, just give the tip to any staff member near the end of the tour. Tips are pooled and divided equally among the staff.

Tour Food

“The food was wonderful everywhere.”
Northern Woods Rider


“Wonderful Adventure, the tour was awesome!”
Bethany, Colorado

Bike Path

“Very much likes all those quiet bike paths.”
Steve, Colorado

SAG Driver

“The SAG driver is the greatest, always magically appeared when I needed her. Luggage drivers also great!”
Mary, IL

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Cycle five days at our newest bike tour on the many beautiful limestone and paved trails of  beautiful Northern Wisconsin.

Northern Woods & Waters

Cycle for six days on lightly traveled back roads through the woods of northern Wisconsin past numerous quiet lakes.

Escape to The North

Cycle five days on rural roads and by numerous lakes. Wildlife sightings are common on this tour.

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Try one of our shorter private small group bicycle tours. We can design a private bike tour of various sizes.

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